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Beautiful Weather Greets Fall Colors Paddle

Fall colors are a little late in arriving, but that didn't stop approximately 30 paddlers from participating in the Tualatin Riverkeepers' annual Fall Colors Paddle. Even though most trees are still dressed in green, no wind, plenty of sunshine, and warmth made for a great day to be in a canoe, kayak, or SUP on the Tualatin River.

I had the opportunity to serve as the trip leader, and I want to thank all volunteers who helped the Tualatin Riverkeepers and me make this event a success. Everyone I talked to had a great time.

Along the trip, we were treated to friendly waves from people along the banks and shots of two great blue herons. We weren't the only ones to spend this gorgeous day paddling on the river. Several other paddlers passed us with friendly greetings.

We paused at several locations along the river to view some of the beautiful homes that line the river's banks and observe where Oswego Lake gets its water. Friendships were also fostered during the trip.

Sunny weather and paddling, what could be better? It isn't often we have such lovely weather this late in the year.


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