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A Shout-Out to My Fellow Paddlers

I have traveled around the state collecting information and photographing ideal paddling locations, all on my own dime. I do it because this website has been my labor of love, and I want to give back to the paddling community by sharing my knowledge of paddling in Oregon. I am most proud of the Destinations and Blog pages on this site. However, building the Destinations page is taking longer than I had hoped. I can't do as much traveling and paddling as I would like; perhaps when I retire that will change. In the meantime, there are many locations others have paddled that have yet to make it on the list of destinations. This means other paddlers are left unaware of those locations, especially in eastern Oregon. New paddlers or those new to Oregon frequently ask me about places to paddle around Eugene and Salem. I give them the standard answers: Foster, Detroit, Alton Baker Canoe Canal, Fern Ridge, and the Willamette and lower Santiam Rivers. Many of these allow powerboats. For people new to paddling, I would just as soon steer them away from bodies of water with a large amount of powerboat traffic. We've probably all experienced a close call with a powerboat at one time or another while out paddling. So here's a chance for you to help me and share your favorite destinations with others. When you're out paddling, take a hi-res picture (10 MB or larger) and send it along with information about the place you paddled to All I need is:

  • Where you paddled

  • The size of the body of water and how long it takes to paddle it

  • What makes the place so memorable (e.g., crystal-clear water, beautiful scenery, wildlife, fishing, camping at the water's edge, etc.)

  • What amenities are there (i.e., does it have a boat ramp, a dock, restrooms, picnic tables, etc.)

  • What wildlife do you typically see there

  • Are powerboats allowed on the water

  • What's the best time to paddle there

  • Is there a campground in the vicinity

  • Are there other attractions nearby

  • Proximity to the nearest town

Not a writer. No problem. (Yes I know, those two sentences were fragmented.) I am paid to write, so I can take your information and put it into nice words as long as your information is thorough. And your photos don't need to look like they were shot by Ansel Adams. They just need to sharp and depict the beauty of the place you paddled. Remember that Canoe & Kayak Oregon's main audience is flatwater paddlers, new and/or inexperienced paddlers, and those new to Oregon. Because of that focus, avoid sending me information about paddling on whitewater rivers. There are other organizations in Oregon that focus on those rivers. I remember when I was new to Oregon, I took my 15' canoe down Oak Springs and Boxcar on the Lower Deschutes. It was a wild ride but not one I'd do again, especially at my age. I had little information to guide me when I made that trip. With better information, I might have picked a better line through the rapids and remained in my canoe the whole trip. My point is that information is key in our sport and can go a long way to making for a pleasant paddle trip. Your information will go along way to informing paddlers of the many wonderful and unique watery places Oregon has to offer. Also, feel free to share your pictures on this site so others can see the fun you had and perhaps discover a new paddling location. Thanks for your help.


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